Leadership and Career Coaching

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Casey riding horse

Drawing from her own unique professional journey transitioning from a practicing pharmacist to a multi-site pharmacy operations leader, along with her extensive academic background, Dr. Orton provides invaluable insights. Evidence-based principles, employed in a unique manner, are the foundation of Dr. Orton’s coaching program. Skillfully drawing parallels between the equestrian lifestyle and leadership coaching, Dr. Orton underscores the necessity of a tailored, person-centric approach as a key to success. Dr. Orton’s coaching philosophy also emphasizes other shared principles with her equestrian background, including the significance of feedback and the focus on the journey, not solely the end goal.

Dedicated to mentoring, sponsoring, and coaching both aspiring and tenured healthcare leaders, Dr. Orton is looking forward to connecting to strategize the next steps in your professional growth and development journey.